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SPC Floor purchase and care guide

What is spc flooring?How should we take care of spc floor。

First, the purchase of SPC floor
1. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of SPC floor mainly depends on its material and process. Among them, products with high stone powder content usually have better wear resistance. It is recommended to choose SPC flooring with a high content of stone powder to ensure the durability of the floor. The EC floor produced by Henan Ziteng Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. uses a new material, mixed with calcium powder and other stone powder, and is newly extruded.
2. Environmental protection: Environmental protection is an important consideration for modern home decoration. When purchasing SPC flooring, we should pay attention to the environmental protection certification of the product and the use of environmentally friendly materials to ensure that the selected products meet environmental standards. It is recommended to choose E0 or above environmentally friendly materials to protect the health of your family. Henan Catalina Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. production of EC flooring, all EO level materials, so that you can rest assured.

3.. Substrate thickness: Substrate thickness is an important indicator to measure the quality of SPC flooring. In general, the thicker the substrate, the better the stability and durability of the floor. At present, the common substrate thickness on the market is 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, etc. Henan Ziteng Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. can choose the appropriate thickness according to personal needs and budgets, as well as mute pads.
4. Appearance and feel: The appearance and feel of the floor are also factors that need to be considered when purchasing. High quality SPC floor surface texture clear, uniform color, feel delicate, comfortable. You can choose the right color and texture according to your personal preference and home style.

Second, SPC floor care
1. Daily cleaning: The daily cleaning of SPC floor is very simple, you can use a soft broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and debris on the floor. For wet dragging, it is recommended to use neutral or mild cleaning agents, avoid using strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents, so as not to damage the floor surface.
2. Stain treatment: Different cleaning methods are required for different types of stains. For example, for ordinary dirt, you can use a wet cloth to wipe the way clean; For stubborn stains, such as marker pens, paint, or lipstick, you can scrub them with a white cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol or mineral oil.
3. Regular maintenance: In addition to daily cleaning, it is also necessary to regularly maintain the floor. Special floor maintenance agents or waxes can protect the surface of the floor, improve its gloss and extend its service life. It is recommended to apply and polish according to the instructions to maintain the beauty and durability of the floor.
Through the above purchase and care methods, you can easily choose high-quality SPC flooring and create a beautiful, comfortable and durable home environment for it.


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