Advantages of LVT self-adhesive flooring

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1. Easy installation One of the biggest advantages of self-adhesive flooring is that it is easy and quick to install. No professional tools or techniques are required, just make sure the floor is clean and level, then tear the adhesive paper and paste the floor in line. This is an ideal choice for those who […]

SPC Floor purchase and care guide

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What is spc flooring?How should we take care of spc floor。 First, the purchase of SPC floor 1. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of SPC floor mainly depends on its material and process. Among them, products with high stone powder content usually have better wear resistance. It is recommended to choose SPC flooring with a […]

The SPC floor is suitable for home improvement or tooling


SPC flooring (stone plastic composite flooring) is generally considered to be a flooring material suitable for a variety of environments, including home improvement and commercial renovation. Here are some of the advantages of SPC flooring in both cases:   Home Decoration: Wear-resistant and durable: spc flooring consists of Uv Coaing,Wear Layer,Print Flim Layer, Rigid Core […]

The difference between lvt flooring and Printable PVC Carpet

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    LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring and Printable PVC Carpet (Printable PVC Carpet) are two different types of flooring materials, each with its own characteristics and application scenarios. 1.Materials:      LVT floor: LVT floor is composed of multiple layers, usually including PVC material, color film layer (Henan Ziteng decorative materials Co., Ltd. produced […]

The advantages of LVT flooring

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1. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring is a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces due to its numerous advantages: 1. Enhanced Durability: LVT floors are constructed with multiple layers and a reinforced transparent protective layer, providing exceptional resistance to scratches, wear, and dirt, ensuring long-lasting durability. 2. Superior Water Resistance: With its 100% […]

What is the difference between LVT flooring and SPC flooring?

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LVT flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and SPC flooring (Stone Plastic Composite) are both types of plastic flooring, but they have some differences in structure, composition, and performance. Structure and composition: -LVT flooring: LVT flooring is typically composed of multiple layers of structure. The top is the protective layer, the bottom is the pattern layer and […]

The advantages of SPC flooring


SPC flooring is a new type of floor decoration material, with its advantages mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Ultra light and ultra-thin: The common SPC floor thickness is only 4.0mm, with a weight of only 8KG per square meter, which gives it a significant advantage in high-rise buildings, greatly reducing the load-bearing capacity […]

Why Wood Flooring Remains a Classic Choice for Any Home

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When it comes to selecting the perfect flooring for a home, there’s a reason why wood flooring remains a steadfast favorite. It’s not just about its natural beauty or the way it adds a warm, inviting touch to any room. Wood flooring, including the modern iterations like LVT wood grain flooring, merges tradition with innovation, […]

Floor Tiles vs. Marble Flooring: Which to Choose?

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When it comes to selecting the right flooring for a project, the debate often boils down to choosing between floor tiles and marble flooring. Both options have their unique advantages and cater to different aesthetic and functional requirements. At EC Flooring, a brand of Henan Ziteng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd, we specialize in crafting high-quality LVT flooring, including LVT […]

The Importance of Choosing Quality Stair Boards for Longevity

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When stepping into any multi-level structure, a staircase is often the unsung hero, guiding us floor to floor. However, the unnoticed tread underfoot, the stair board, is pivotal not only for the functionality of a staircase but also for its longevity and aesthetic appeal. As a professional in the realm of architectural materials, I understand […]

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