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What is LVT flooring

The main raw material for LVT flooring is PVC powder, which avoids the waste of forest resources and practices the concept of environmental protection from the root. Henan Ziteng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. only uses high-quality raw materials to produce LVT flooring, including PVC powder, minerals, plasticizers, fiberglass, additives, etc. All raw materials are free of carcinogens and odors, and formaldehyde is not added during the production process.            They fully comply with the EU’s list of prohibited substances, and the total volatile organic compounds are far lower than the most stringent relevant EU standards. They are truly environmentally friendly flooring.

In floor decoration, compared to flooring materials such as tiles, wood flooring, and marble, lightweight flooring is more popular abroad. It is popular in countries and regions such as Japan and South Korea in Europe, America, and Asia, and in some areas, the usage rate is even more than twice that of wooden flooring. LVT flooring, as a type of lightweight flooring, has advantages over traditional flooring. LVT flooring has become a trendy choice for foreign home decoration materials not only because of its superior environmental friendliness. Henan Ziteng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. LVT flooring has strong anti scratch and wear-resistant properties, which can reach the commercial level; It also has anti pollution and anti-corrosion properties, waterproof, sunscreen, and high-temperature resistance. Its strong stability is unmatched by wooden flooring, making it both worry free and reassuring when used in home decoration environments.

The natural appearance and just the right amount of comfort and elasticity add a lot of color to the LVT flooring of Henan Ziteng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. The simulated patterns can be comparable to real wood and stone, breaking away from the plastic texture of traditional vinyl flooring. The surface of LVT products from Henan Ziteng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. presents a matte gloss and a realistic natural appearance.

Protecting the natural environment, caring for physical health, ensuring practical performance, and meeting natural beauty, the LVT environmentally friendly flooring produced by Henan Ziteng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is quietly changing the trend of ground home decoration~


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